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I am Victoriann, that is, Victoria Ann Harris.  I would define what I am "about" by my highest priority, my FAMILY:  which is my husband, Daniel Duffey Harris; my daughter Meeshell,  and our kitty Littul Jr.  This is our immediate local family.  And there is also my sister Jan in Santa Fe, NM; and my parents in Cambria; and also Daniel's family.  They are all what I am about.

So this page is a little about all of them, and also some endorsement letters from happy clients.  

Just below is a good
"About the Artist" story that I used to have on my tags for the birch frames on the "Custom Picture Frames" page in this website.

Yes, all the above is true, except that I currently am not teaching  calligraphy.



...from Randy Travis re: the Hollyhocks Mural:
"The depth in the shading is amazing!"


....from 'Captain' Bill Lawson re: the Clipper Ship Mural:


                                ...from Brent and Hillary Mayne:
Brent Mayne is currently catching for the Dodgers!  He has played Major League Baseball for 15 years, catching for the Arizona Diamondbacks, Colorado Rockies,  S.F. Giants,  Oakland A's,   N.Y. Mets, and Kansas City Royals.  The bed frame pictured is for daughter, Dylan.

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This is the sign over which (or under which) I met my husband Dan (on the telephone):

the story continues...


Story of Dan & Vicki
He was managing and teaching guitar at this music store in Pacific Palisades, CA..."Amazing Music".  I was painting their sign.  He phoned me  to suggest that I bring the sign back to the location to finish it there...so I did.  Inside the store I saw his picture on the wall (his album cover), and not knowing who it was, it nearly knocked me over.  I thought "Who's THAT?"  The eyes were looking at me.   An hour later he arrived to work.  Forty days later we got married, and then went to Sweden to perform as a musical duo for 7 years.  The signs above obviously needed a re-paint,  so  that's what I'm doing (right), 12 years later.                  

Our Poster in Sweden:


Aboard Viking Line in Archipelago

Taking Ferry to Work to Fjäderholmarna,

 ...the islands where they smoke the fish
for Viking Lines' famous Smorgasbord

We played aboard the Viking Lines, and had the honor to play for Captain Johan Kull at the Captain's Table of the Apollo III the first year. The owner of the entire Viking Lines Fleet was also present as a guest. Consequently, every year we played aboard one of the Viking Ships, either for the Captain's Table or for the dinner guests in other dining rooms, and were always given the Viking Line owner's suite for the duration of the cruise, either to Helsinki or  Mariehamn.

We also played annually in the North,  for handicapped kids, and were put into Sweden's 'Country Music Hall of Fame'.

Brother Shaun sitting in with Dan in Stockholm 


This same restaurant, Kungkällaren, catered to the Embassies, and we played here regularly for several years.  We had the honor to play for the Angolan and Mozambique Embassies when Nelson Mandela was released from prison.

Dan & Vicki at patio 'kafféet' catering to Student housing.
The head of EMI Records, Stockholm  came to see us here as we recorded several original songs being considered by EMI


Below is a more recent poster of us when we performed in Sweden during the final year.  This poster was made immediately upon our return home in 2/92.

In this poster is the Dan Harris solo album.
For more on his music, go to: 

9-11-01.jpg (26748 bytes)

These Days...

...We rarely play out here in L.A., but Dan plays a few hours every day, and at a few clubs with other musicians.   I began to join him again right after the Ground Zero event...a need to keep all things we cherish alive.  We play some Thursday or Saturday nights at "The Cow's End", a coffee spot in Marina Del Rey.   And we stay sharp: (Below:  Karaoke with Dan, Vicki, Meesh, & friends on 09/01/01):



Here is a book my parents, Art and Irina Wilson, wrote about the wonderful town of Cambria, California, which is often described as:  "Where the Pines Meet the Sea".  This book has been entered into a Time Capsule of Cambria.


Here is a photo of my mother, Irina Alexandrovna Wilson,  during the time she studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse.  


My father, Arthur L. Wilson (1909-1999), was a Midshipman who graduated from Annapolis' Class of '31.  These are two books he wrote about his life; the first about his boyhood all the way up until he took the exam to enter Annapolis Naval Academy, the second about his life in the Navy and about meeting and marrying Irina, my mother.  He was a very charming writer, an officer and a gentleman.  They don't come any finer than this generous man, who loved our country and baseball, and appreciated all the wonders of life.



Below is my sister Jan Burke with Bitsy, and her husband L. D. Burke III with Minnie, featured in the  "Country Sampler's WEST - The Spirit of the Frontier Home" magazine.


LD. Burke III is quite well-known for his Cowboy Furniture, as well as designing Western Wear, of which Jan is wearing a nice dress design above; and he has also designed and built quite a few landmark office buildings and galleries in Santa Fe.  Jan had been a Landscape Architect for most of her career (having designed the structure of the home where they live), until she went back for her Master's Degree; and is now a Licensed Psychotherapy Counselor specializing in Transformational Counseling, Rapid Effective Energy Therapies, and Mediation.  Still they both enjoy the outdoor life constantly:  windsurfing, kayaking, skiing, and are currently building their own cabin by the lake.  NEWS FLASH!!!: I am currently working on LD's website, so you can see great things NOW, and have fun watching new additions. GO TO:  www.ldburkeofsantafe.com .

Jan windsurfing at Padre Island

Taking a nice break with L. D. 

The good sporting life in New Mexico.  Bitsy and Minnie must be "barking them off"" on the shore.


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