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"Montana Boys"

Current Headshot
Protégé Talent

Racetrack Bookie

as 'Old Jeremiah Slim'

Diverse Images and Action Shots

"National Treasure"

CURRENT FILM "Hollywood.com"

Cello Player, String Quartet

'Street Smart'

Suitcase Thief Scene

Attorney Look Upscale Casual Feelin' Fine
at Feather River

CURRENTLY Dan works in the Film Industry...the best credit so far is having played the Prison Minister in "The Green Mile", with Tom Hanks and Michael Clarke Duncan, and the best ensemble of every single actor, director, producer, sound, art direction, cinematography, and story that I have ever seen all put together in one film.  

"THE DANIMATOR" nickname which developed 'on the set' is the name of his character in a current film project and song.
is my personal project.

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Yes,  that is Dan's country-gospel album, "Thank Him Every Day"...great title song, and most others also written by Dan...and J.D. Mannis on pedal steel!  

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Daniel was the Student Body President at Hollywood Professional School when he and his brother Shaun were making 3 albums on Warner/Reprise as the WCPAEB (see below), and also where they met Michael Lloyd, who joined the group for two more albums released on Amos and Forward labels.


The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Below is the original sleeve of one of the three newest re-releases of
 Part One
 ...originally released on Warner/Reprise.


Transparent Day

Smell of Incense

Shifting Sands

Carte Blanche

High Coin

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band released 5 albums... of which the first 3 were just re-released by Rhino Records.
(Click link above to see
Sundazed Records' WCPAEB Compilation CDs (under W )

Manufactured under license from  MICHAEL LLOYD,  SHAUN HARRIS  and  DAN HARRIS



Daniel is on the right in this fisheye view of a gold bathroom.  The woman in the bathtub in background is real...she was painted gold as well; and to avoid suffocation, she had to wash off immediately after the picture was taken.


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Below is a photo in the liner notes on the newly re-released CD of the 3rd Warner/Reprise WCPAEB Album: Volume 3  "A Child's Guide to Good & Evil" (order at:  www.sundazed.com) 





Daniel is the son of Johana Harris, child prodigy concert piano virtuoso and Professor Emeritus at UCLA for many years, and father Roy E. Harris, American Composer.

One interesting fact:  When John F. Kennedy made his Time Capsule of his years in the White House, Roy Harris' 3rd and 5th Symphonies were included.
(Below:) Daniel's adorable mother.  She was Irish-Canadian, and mostly very Irish on St. Patrick's Day

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in collaboration with

Daniel currently hosts the "Open Mike" night at The Cow's End in Marina Del Rey, to help provide a platform for local musicians to play their original works.  This is a genuine "following in his father's footsteps"...as Roy Harris was instrumental, with Alan Lomax, in getting Leadbelly released from the chain gang and back into the world of  performing, as he was a  legend in American Folk History.  Likewise, here in a city where some lucky few become recognized for their music...and most never make a living in music,  Daniel enjoys being instrumental in encouraging new young musicians to showcase their works.


Cartoon Character

The Rough  Sketch:

Cartoon is in Development

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