Faux Finished Interior

Below are the 'faux finished' walls I did for Jerry Dunphy,  the late KCAL 9 news anchorman, although  photos (in the den) show various years when  he was anchoring for CBS,  and ABC-TV News.  I did this work during May & June of 2001.  The Interior Design work for the entire  penthouse condo suite was done by Caldwell Sutherland Design Services.


The photos here are mainly showing the ragging-off texture in the living room and den, and the contrasting soffet is visible to the right of the wall displaying  Mr. Dunphy's Emmy Awards.  See a close-up view below:

I also did a lot of the furniture refinishing or texturing, such as the silver-leaf effect on the coffee table pictured above, and the "mahogany" faux-finished buffet shown below.    See also below: how the beautiful drapery sets off the room...and how the buffet  matches the dining set so closely.  This kind of thing happened magically by guesswork throughout the job.  The buffet below was completely blonde (monotone-rather plastic-looking finish) until I made it mahogany-looking, and had been part of the bedroom set/armoire shown further below.



DEN with Faux Finish

Below is the den wall with Jerry's treasured photographs and art, with the same gold ochre faux finish.  Clockwise:  a) long view of entry to den; b) around corner inside den; c) larger view of main wall of den.   Much of the custom built-ins, such as the bar shown below, were made by Brad Lawson, of Lawson's Fine Furniture.




Another shade of faux, besides the living room and den, was the master bedroom: a dusty beige over a Light Navajo white (see below), which matched the giant armoire and bedside tables which I had previously antiqued and applied green and a silvery-gold mixture. 

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