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This is a "tv pop-up" piece built by Brad Lawson of Lawson's Fine Furniture in Los Angeles.  The client needed the floral design to match the upholstery as shown.

 More Furniture Decor  
Customized to match Fabrics or Decor:

All of the furniture in this section was painted for a fabulous furnishings store in Tarzana, formerly known as "The Nest"...but now under new ownership by my friends, Norma and Carrie; and the name has changed to "FURNITURE & ETC."  Victoriann is the 'resident artist' here, and will match designs to your every need, while their several furniture-makers will build to your exact specs too!

THE BLACK & GOLD CONSOLE:  This was painted to match the mirror already purchased by the customer.  The legs are a nice mixture of golds & copper-bronzes.  One of my favorites.

CARRIE'S COFFEE TABLE:  This was painted to match the fabric of the couch as pictured - a design taken from the Ming Dynasty. CHERRY BLOSSOM TABLE:  Another 
of my favorites, painted to match fabric.


THE 'ANGELS-IN-ROSES' TABLE:  You can perhaps see in the enlargement the fabric, which has these roses (very much like a rose called "Angel Face"), and also the Azaleas.  AND...'May you all have Angels in Your Roses'!


THE "FRENCH-BLUE-FRENCH-DESIGN-ON-FRENCH-PROVINCIAL-CONSOLE-TABLE":  Very French!  I really love  this table.  I copied from the style of painting that some of the fabulous painters in Peru do, on some Peruvian Imports at "FURNITURE & ETC." I will put some pictures of those in so you'll see what I'm talking about.  I just snapped some photos all around the store recently - to show the diverse styles they can make.


THE TULIP DRESSING TABLE:  This is a very sweet little Kidney-shaped Dressing Table that Norma designed.  A little bench (like in the enlargement-view of the Cherry Blossom Table) would certainly go nicely with this style.

GREEN ARMOIRE:  This was not selling as just plain 'Army-Green',  so I painted the panels with Italian-style decor.



THE "HAWAIIAN TOILE" SCENERY COFFEE TABLE:  Was painted to match some upholstery fabric at FURNITURE & ETC.  Actually I went all-out, making not only the Toile scenery of Hawaii or maybe the West Indies from days of old; but made it into a prototype of "All Things Tropical" including Pineapples, Papayas, Bananas, Bamboo, and a Monkey!  I have since made it look more 'distressed' like the fabric looks -- took a vote from customers' opinions, and most agreed that it looked too brand new and vibrant compared to the nice vintage look of the Toile fabric.

is one of the many 'theme rooms' displayed at the FURNITURE & ETC. Store.  Here pictured is the Coffee Table with the matching 'Hawaiian Toile' overstuffed chair & ottoman, PLUS an Armoire I also did tropical.

CLOSEUP:  "Hawaiian Toile" Ottoman

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Boring, Shiny-White Cabinets Before:
Lower Kitchen Cabinets After:
More Design-Work in Kitchen:
She liked it so much, I did the bathroom too.

More Cabinets:

Here is another example of similar outcome, although these were more complicating as they were sort of a 'whitewashed natural' before, so it was more work--more sanding and painting to get to the 'after'.  I really liked these colors and the outcome, as they went well with her Italian plates and other ceramicware.



Peach & Ivy Bath Cabinets
for a marina del rey condo

Wallpaper Sample:

Click to enlarge:

An actual drawer itself scanned:

This again started as "boring" shiny cream- colored  cabinets.  Many old colors were under- neath and were sanded down with a palm-sander before painting with several shades of peachy-beige and transparent ivy to match wallpaper.


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BEFORE & AFTER Furniture Projects:

This is a bed frame I did - that will shortly be appearing on MTV
in "A Day in the Life" of a well-known Songwriter/Recording Artist. 

The BED Before:

She had bought the armoire as shown (right), beautifully painted by a student in a furniture-painting class.  My job was first to match 2 bedside tables which I had done 6 months earlier, and now the bed.  To the right you can see the sanded footboard post of the bed . It's nice oak wood, and an amazing bed - with reading lamps under the lids of the headboard posts, and a talking/crowing alarm clock and storage space in the headboard too!

The ARMOIRE to Match to:

The BED After:

Headboard Close-Up:

4th Piece

To the left is the other bedside table (of the two I had matched previously to the armoire).  I did them outdoors in the sunlight and had to go in & out to compare notes on design and color.  The bed I was able to do indoors and tie all 4  together (see right and below)

3 Pieces Matching:


TABLE Close-up of Crackle and Distress Finish:

Crackle is done best by real 'furniture finishers' who have spray booths, which I don't have).  So this table was a lot of work...'Briwax' added on for further ageing.  The  deco- rative work was fun and simple.

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"...with Prayers for Us All"

This screen below is a pet project of mine...I cut the solid pine myself and put it together.  I paint more on it when I can.  It was designed for using in a space-challenged home, where the baby's crib would be separated from the rest of the parents' room.  The 'adult' side (on right) is also not finished, but the crackle is fine and tight.

I don't seem to want to part with this piece.  Members of my family, and secret messages are living in this screen (close-ups below).  It will probably end up belonging to my great-grandchildren "with prayers for us all".


This side I have yet to somehow make it look very old.  I'll accentuate more detail and then sand some of it away and distress it.  Then I'd coat it  with  finely crackled amber varnish.  The baby angel getting her foot wet is one of the 'Meeshell Angels' (my daughter).


This little boy angel is my husband Danny as a little boy, playing with a  froggy... as he was often want to do...

...and here is the baby picture of  Daniel Duffey Harris himself!


Here is a secret message written to Danny from one of my favorite Randy Travis songs called 'Written in Stone'... it says,  'La Wickis loves Danny'

Here is a  hidden kitty sleeping in the narcissus in the right side panel.


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This client (a furniture store) asked for quite a variety of styles in one single piece of furniture...Greek figures with country-syle Hydrangea and Sweetpea.  Before you laugh at the woman's arms, let me explain:  I copied herpose from an armless statue line drawing in a Greek Architecture book!  Also, the arms were more graceful until the client asked me to "fatten them up"!

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