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This is the most abundantly detailed Children's Mural to date.  Completed on the "Aides of March" 2005. this was done for the private home of a Disney Executive's newborn baby.  The home is situated high in the Hollywood Hills near the Hollywood Sign, and the horizon is painted to match the views outside the windows, the sign being in perspective.  There are 72 different vintage and contemporary characters of cartoons and/or fairytales and family references as per clients' request. Room is 15' X 15', walls total 359.4 sq, ft.  Cost:  $10,000  for this detail category.

Clockwise View of Room - starting with Entry View:

(photo entries still in progress)

Farm & Balloon on East Wall:
Tea Party & Gazebo to South:

Hollywood Hills begin at West: 


Entry Wall to North  has vines extending outside the room, & transforms to ...London Wall :





Back to Beginning to show Details: - East Wall is the Daybed Wall:

Yellow Brick Road (hidden below) runs throughout....for
Tin Man, Lion, & Scarecrow...........................while the Wild Things watch:

Donald Duck & Grumpy at Library:          Ferdinand, Babe, Fly, Bo Peep & Humpty Dumpty:                    Hello Kitty & Daisy:


Tea Party & Bandstand Wall ... is straight ahead South, and has no furniture blocking it:

Left Half:
     Tea Party Closeup:

The Old Woman who Lives in a Shoe:                            




Felix's Nephew finds Bag of Tricks:

Felix & Piglet Play Hopscotch:

 Thumbelina's House:

Snow White & Cottage:


Bandstand with Mickey & Minnie, Tubby the Tuba, Kermit...



...Cat & Fiddle plays, while the Velveteen Rabbit listens

                                                 Yonder hill is "Blueberry Hill"       Charlotte's Web:


South Wall continues to Candyland:




West Wall  continues from Southwest Window View &  follows incline of Hollywood Hills:

Finished West Wall Again:

Secret Door to the Real City:       


Stevie, Ron, &  Ray.. 3 Blind Mice:



Pooh & Bugs' Picnic:

    Big Bird, Tweety, Eyore, & Goldilocks:

Goldilocks with the 3 Bears:




Muppets' House Atop the Hill:                            The Real Muppet's House:

Sunset View of Hollywood to Ocean:



The Finished Corner of Hollywood Hills, extending to North Wall & to Doorway:

The 3 Pigs & Little Red Riding Hood live here, and Doc goes fishing by the Hollywood Hollyhocks & the Frog Prince:


North Wall - Into London         
More Final Photos Coming Soon

In Progress:
Jack's Beanstalk:
Middle Earth & Cow Over Moon:          Curious George:

London Closer:

Peter Pan & the Gang:               

      Big Ben & St. Paul's:

Happy & Sneezy, Cinderella, Phantom Tollbooth, Cat-in-the-Hat, White Rabbit, The Little Engine, and Back to Beginning:


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