First to be sure, I must explain that this is not mass-produced wallpaper (a lot of people have been asking).  This is custom hand-painted work on-site (thus the fabric-matching, etc.).  COST of this amount of detail runs $20 to $40 per sq. ft. depending upon detail.  This can be painted for you on canvas or wallpaper-type material for shipping at same cost.  See
Mural Price Chart to be sure.  Savannah background runs much lower than the dense tropical flora, but basically it is a Type C detail category.


Completed July  31,  2004, this jungle mural covers the full room for a baby nursery,  and is my favorite mural to date.

The expectant mother and her mother have chosen fabrics for the crib skirt from which I borrowed the design for the banana palm, bamboo, and monkeys,  as well as various flora throughout the room.


THE SAVANNAH ~ Click to enlarge pictures.

Lion Wall Entry:   Lion Wall Mirror View:   Lion Family Close-Up:   Lion Cub Yawning
& Signature:

Lion Wall rt. half:
Zebras Close-Up:

Hippos Close-Up:
Egrets & Weaver Birds:
Elephant Corner:


Elephants Close:
Transition to Jungle Flora:
Close-Up Flora:

The trees below are the ever-present Acacias, which are thorny, but giraffes feed on them (carefully) and leopards sit in them.

Waterfall at Left :
African Birds:
Crib Wall:
Leopards Close-Up:

Zebra Close-Up:
Zebra Wall & Mirror View
Monkeys Close-Up:
Springboks in Distance:

Fabric for crib skirt used for design of monkeys and plants in mural:
Agama Lizard

Giraffes at Entry:

Giraffes' Entry & Mirror View:


Closer View:






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