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This 6' x 8' mural is situated in the office of Lance and Jay Bergman, the grandsons of Friz Freleng, who created the Warner Bros characters seen lower left.  Bergman & Bergman Realtors' office is on the top floor of the EastWest Bank Building in Tarzana (low-center).  This view of L.A. is as if seen from the Tarzana building; and, with a little artistic licence, Burbank was pulled-in from the east a bit, on behalf of Friz Freleng's grandsons.

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Above close-ups (click to enlarge & press F11) show details such as 'Seabiscuit', the Western Exterminator sign, Gagne's fist, Philippe's & Union Station (placed with artistic license so as to be visible).  The tall white building on La Brea is part of Miracle Mile, but more was added to clarify in 1st photo below.


Above you can see close-ups of the Miracle Mile La Brea Building, Friz Freleng's creations: Tweety, Sylvester, Daffy, & Yosemite Sam (he was the main animator for Bugs, too); he also created the Pink Panther who is sitting over on the Century City MGM Bldg. 


Above Left you see West Hollywood:  The "Blue Whale" (PDC), Hard Rock Cafe, Pink's on La Brea, and some of the Sunset Strip.  Center is the Beverly Hills Hotel and Vicinity, Farmers Market, Century City.  Above Right:  LAX, Staples Center, the 405, and Venice Beach.  Directly Left is the lower left corner with my signature.    BACK TO TOP


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