August 23, 2000

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This article from the San Francisco Chronicle was sent to us by our Lake Tahoe brother-in-law who is a die-hard Giants fan.  Mayne had just been traded to the Rockies from San Francisco, so of course there was still a lot of interest in the bay area.  But mainly for Tom, who is as insane about the Giants as we are about the Dodgers, and was brokenhearted when they made the trade.  He'd lost his "only chance to meet a real Giant!" -- Since we knew Mayne well-enough to get guest tickets once, we had all hoped to one day share a game and introduce them. So Tom  just might get that chance after all, "to meet a real Gi..."...oh, oops!

Tom, Trent and Lane at Candlestick's Last Game
(Tom's father took him to the Stick's first game!)

Tom Lingruen is a talented sign artist in Lake Tahoe.  Lane (Harris) Lingruen is a Stanford Graduate on the staff of Sierra Nevada College.


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