is actually Victoria's daughter. She has often been portrayed in images of Angels in her mother's art, both as a little girl, and also now that she's grown up.

 Meeshell is a renowned Private Chef to many celebrated clients such as Cher, Christina Aguilera, Rob Reiner, Flea,  Perry Farrell and Porno for Pyros (full time while they lived and recorded at Shangri-La Studios, Malibu, CA; and has appeared on the Food Network and other TV Networks, In Style Magazine,  just to name a few.  Please also see her website at: and click here to see her Resume.

The photos portraying her as an inspiration to Angels have now arrived, and I can tell you that she is a Peach, and that is why I made this page color, and also this *peachy picture frame for her photo at age 17:

These picture frames were of a series that I was making with "The Language of Flowers", giving the secret meanings of all flowers.  Mainly I was making the theme of "Birthstone and Birthflower" frames for each month of the year, with the secret meanings of both the flower and stone.  This frame has the secret meaning for the Peach:  "Your Qualities, like your Charms, are Unequalled"
...and for the Peach Blossom:  "I Am Your Captive".

(There is a separate page for the Birthstone and Birthflower Picture Frames)


Below is Meesh on the roof of The Sea Lion Restaurant, Malibu, CA (which is now actually Duke's).  This photo being so dreamy inspired the Angel Pictureframe to follow.

The Angel below occupies the same room as the Moon Angel and the others, including the Home page angel.  This is somewhat taken from this photo of Meeshell at age 3.

meeshat3.jpg (28751 bytes)


Room Divider Screen


From this screen , the baby Meesh angel who is getting her foot wet is sticking
out her tongue just like in the photo on the right, Baby Meesh with her mom:
(You can click on thumbnail to link to the screen room-divider, and view both sides)

fullscrnang.jpg (40408 bytes)





Below are a couple of 'ChefMeeshell' pictures that are not on her website:  This is Meesh while cooking for Perry Farrell and Porno for Pyros during their recording stay at Shangri-La Studios in Malibu.

Here below is Meeshell working at Wolfgang Puck's Eureka in West Los Angeles.



I helped Meeshell make this cake for Rob Reiner's Family
(I especially like the little chick climbing the ladder at the bottom)

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