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Here is a project that is on pause while Venetian Plasterers come in to do all the walls in this kitchen of a home situated in Santa Monica right on the Pacific Coast Highway.  She wanted a view of the coast  facing north of her house over the kitchen sink...and something just to make her kitchen look more interesting...and safe from small children's cars and crayons  (this is California State Highway 1).


First, I took photos from upstairs...the view they have of the beach; then from up even higher--the footbridge by the California Incline; and also of the cliffs (looking up at the 'Palisades Park' on Ocean Avenue):  

Click on images to enlarge


This is someone else's amazing photo I found on
the Internet, taken of the "California Incline"
These are the cliffs of "Palisades Park"

...especially nice for the clouds!


Then I did the sketches for presentation and to make any changes...which were:  1) Of course,  she did not want so much highway, and buildings (definitely not the Jonathan Club), but a lot more beach and ocean; 2) also to start the foreground from that bridge you see further up in the sketch; 3)  no vase on windowsill; and 4) I suggested that the Venetian Plaster would look a whole lot better than my own 'faux' of  brick-shaped stone walls,  so she decided she agreed.  SKETCHES BELOW:

The Mural So Far:

PCH above the sink, approx. 3' x3':

PCH Detail:

The Palisades Cliffs above the doorway facing east:

Palisades Cliffs Detail:
The Venetian Plasterer she chose is also a fine artist, and explained to her that if I wait to do the inside area of the windowsills until AFTER he applies the plaster, it will look amazing, like a real Italian Fresco...so I have yet to do that with the shading as the sun's light will appear.  As I am new to working in conjunction with a Venetian Plasterer, I am really enthused, and will trust what he says!  I also have yet to do some silhouettes of bicyclists on the bike path, maybe a kite-surfer, , and perhaps my little truck hidden in there somewhere very tiny!


I had to keep going outside to see better details within the different shapes of sediment in the cliffs, the different landmark trees (like the tall shaggy palm just beyond the bridge---and take closer photos of the bridge construction itself. Then I had to imagine a higher view of everything: 

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CEILING MEDALLION (and Corner Designs)
For a recessed rectangular area in a very high-ceilinged bedroom  (May 2003)

To the left is the first of four corners I've painted.  I still need to extend the leaves beyond the flat- edge a little, as that's the way it appears in the Tapestry (right), as per the very observant request of the homeowners.  Below are some shots of the room and tapestry, to give an idea of the space (Click to enlarge)


At left is the first original sketch I did by hand for the center medallion.  After having completed the corners though, they decided they'd like much LESS burgundy showing, so just for fun I did a Macromedia Freehand sketch (right).



The second sketch has just been approved and I'm making the pattern.  (SEE BELOW THE NEXT STEP)  05/13/03

APPLYING THE PATTERN:  Obviously for this whole job I have to lie on my back on this plank--on a pillow for extra height AND for very necessary comfort.  CLICK ON PICS TO ENLARGE:


The homeowners came home and got a kick out of taking pictures of me laying on my back up there, and took loads of pictures (05/14/03).  Tomorrow when I'm finishing the job, I'll get some similar instant pictures to download. See Finished Product

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Grape Leaves Border For Kitchen Doorway

These are presentation sketches for a client, also done in Macromedia Freehand.  The actual job got postponed, then changed from this format altogether (see below).   Variations are always to be expected, of course. This design can be used anywhere, and the 19th Century scrollwork can be made as trompe l'oeil moldings within the wall itself.


As it turned out, she wanted JUST grapes and grape leaves, to match tones in the basic home decor--deep reds, muted brown & gold tones in the leaves (not too green)--as shown.  No scroll-work, but lots of realistic grapes.   She also decided to have it go all around the kitchen.  I was glad for the extra work, but now I think it's a little much.

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